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Safe browsing

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Cybercriminals and malicious users are waiting in every corner of the Internet. And not only that: there are governments that restrict the use of the Internet and censor content. That’s why the ability to surf the web safely and anonymously becomes critical.

The aim is to prevent sensitive information such as bank accounts, passwords or personal data, or just our Internet browsing history, from falling into the wrong hands. And we do not only mean hackers, but also companies that trade in our data for more or less obscure purposes.

Thanks to Premium VPN you can be confident and access the Internet with all the guarantees and without risk.

Stay anonymous

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Using a VPN connection, you’ll stop worrying about someone watching you while you surf the web. Because the connection is “shielded” through a secure server, you’re protected 24/7 and you become virtually invisible to others.

No one will be able to trace your steps or know what you’ve been doing on the Web except yourself. Few things are as valuable as privacy, especially in the digital world.

Protect your identity with a quality VPN and don’t leave any loose ends!

Access to censored content

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Although everything is becoming more global every day, there are still restrictions depending on the country we are in. It may be the case that freedom of speech is restricted, or that certain content is just not available in specific regions of the world.

One of the main attractions of using a VPN is the avoidance of censorship. This is especially relevant for citizens living in countries where freedom of speech and human rights are threatened. With a quality VPN, such as Premium VPN, you can enjoy the Web without limits and without being subject to any government control.

What’s more, unlocking censored or banned websites is easy. By virtually changing your location using a VPN, you can access not only social networks with restricted activity in certain countries (Twitter, Facebook…) but also pages blocked in schools.

Shopping & Entertainment

Take advantage of internet gaps to get better deals

Enjoy your entertainment platforms even abroad

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When you travel abroad, you can’t always enjoy your favorite content (TV shows and series, movies, music…). Many of the services you are subscribed to have built-in geographical restrictions, which may also be the case for online programming of certain TV channels.

Thus, the catalogue of films and series in streaming of platforms such as HBO or Netflix is not the same in every country. Fortunately, with a VPN connection you can spoof your location to access everything without restrictions.

This way, if you are travelling outside your home country, you can still access your favourite content, whether it is blocked geographically or not. A good example is sports broadcasting, which varies considerably depending on television rights and each region.

Buy at the best price, no matter where you are

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Did you know that the price you pay for a flight or a hotel depends on the city from which you are making the request? Generally, those looking from wealthier areas may see a higher price, and may not even be able to access some offers or services (as they are only available to local customers).

This is also the case with many online shops, which do not allow you to buy certain products or just sell them at a significantly higher price, depending on the city or country of the customer.

With a VPN connection, it’s easy to change locations virtually and try them out, until you find the bargain you would otherwise never have discovered.

Safe downloads on P2P networks

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Downloading files from P2P networks, such as BitTorrent, is another case where a VPN is particularly useful.

Be it because of copyright issues, country-specific legislation or restrictions with certain Internet Service Providers (ISPs), this type of traffic is often monitored and limited.

Therefore, if we use a VPN when downloading from P2P networks, we avoid exposing ourselves to additional risks without affecting the speed of the download.

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