The only VPN that makes you 100% invisible

With Premium VPN you can unblock content not available in your country and get safe connection, protecting your privacy on the internet.

Up to 3 devices simultaneously · No registration · No email · Full privacy


Why to use PREMIUM VPN?

Stay safe and anonymous when you go online

Premium VPN makes you invisible on the internet. We hide your IP address, encrypt your data and don’t save logs. No one can see what you’re doing.

Protect your devices

Keep your devices safe from any kind of virus or malware. Launch Premium VPN on your device and make any public Wi-Fi a secure Wi-Fi for your data.

Enjoy blocked or censored content in your network

Access to any kind of content without geo restrictions. Netflix, HBO, Facebook, Youtube, TV shows, Movies, Media, Twitter, Instagram, Tinder and many more.

Invisibility code

One code to run them all

Available on:

At Premium VPN we are totally comitted with your privacy. You don’t need to share your data with us because we don’t want to store it.That’s why we have created the invisibility codeϟ.

Your code allows you to use all Premium VPN applications without logging in.

You can share your code with your family & friends and they will also enjoy ultra-fast VPN connection.

Keep your code in a safe place. It is your key to connect Premium VPN in any device.

Share your connection with family and friends. Up to 3 simultaneous connections.


Save up to 50% with our annual plan

6 months plan:







Days free trial

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Recommended by our customers:

“Everyone should be using this”.

Everyone should be using this. I am loving how it keeps me confidential. A really good product at a great price.


Very happy with it

Great for keeping my identity safe !! Does the job. User friendly. Good price, (I signed up for the year). Very happy with it.


“This app is very fast and reliable”.

This app is very fast and reliable. I am happy to use it. I also love how it keeps my data private and secured.



Check out all locations where you can connect

We have dedicated streaming servers in order to offer you the best connection to: